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weed - XChat based theme for irssi

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Designed to be the most beautiful irssi theme in the world.

Weed is a very unique irssi theme for those who just don't like the default blue or the themes available.

I've sliiightly modified it so every user is yellow, except for hilights and notify's, which show up as red. I've also added in the user status' (+, %, @, and !)

README in other languages

Table of contents

  1. Screenshots
  2. History
  3. Requirements
  4. Installation
    1. Please note after installing
    2. Optional tweaks
  5. Old changelog
  6. Contributing and troubleshooting


weed.theme on OS X Mavericks

weed.theme on Linux weed on tmux

weed.theme solarized weed solarized (thanks to @her)


Weed? Yeah, I have no idea where I got that name from (no, I am not smoking). I guess I was watching the grass grow. Around 2006 or 2007 I was frustrated with all the irssi themes I had tried and decided to start designing my own.

Weed was maybe fifth or sixth theme I did. When nothing pleased me, not even my own previous themes, finally the gem was born. I have not used any other irssi theme ever since. For me and many other users weed.theme is the best irssi theme there is.

Feel free to edit to your needs but I would be pleased if you credited or thanked me in some way! (for example /msg rolle at quakenet or rolle_ at IRCnet, remember to /whois if not sure!)

If you like it, follow me in twitter to know more about my projects (some of them IRC related).


  • Linux or Unix shell
  • irssi (not tested on irssi for Windows)
  • wget
  • screen or tmux
  • git (optional)
  • solarized (optional)
  • nano/pico (you can also use vim, but the tutorial below is for nano)
  • Mac OS X Terminal, ExtraPuTTY for Windows or any command line interface with SSH or SSH tunneling
  • Perl >= 5.1.4


I am not responsible if you break your irssi setup, but the theme should be rather safe to install when following the instructions carefully.

  1. Make backup of your current irssi setup, if you have one, by cp -Rv ~/.irssi ~/.irssi-backup. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore it by quitting irssi and running rm -rf ~/.irssi && mv ~/.irssi-backup ~/.irssi and running irssi again.
  2. Make sure you are in your home directory by typing cd ~ and start irssi for the first time (assuming this is clean installation): screen irssi or if you prefer tmux, run tmux and then irssi
  3. In irssi, type /save
  4. You'll see default irssi theme (blue), but get back by pressing the key combination CTRL + A + D (CTRL + B, then D in tmux), for now
  5. Clone this repository by using command git clone weed-master or if you don't have permissions to run/install git, run following: wget --no-check-certificate and unpack it using tar -xvf master.tar.gz
  6. Copy your theme of choice to .irssi folder by running cp ~/weed-master/weed.theme ~/.irssi/ or cp ~/weed-master/solarizedweed.theme ~/.irssi/
  7. Copy custom irssi scripts by running mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts && cp ~/weed-master/scripts/* ~/.irssi/scripts/
  8. Copy the custom config by running cp ~/weed-master/config ~/.irssi/
  9. Go back to irssi with screen -dr (tmux a in tmux) and type /reload.
  10. Run advanced windowlist by typing /script load awl.
  11. You will need to edit your colors to get the final touch (in Linux it looks like in the picture below)

Color settings in Linux

In Putty only ANSI BLACK is required to be changed to 25 25 25.

Basically you are now done! You can connect to servers and do whatever you like. However...

Please note after installing

Because this is a modified config, your nick and name are yourname by default.

  1. Please change your nick by using /nick something and /set user_name something
  2. Set your real name with /set real_name Real Name.
  3. Remember to /save and /quit and start screen irssi / tmux again to the settings to come in effect.

Optional tweaks

Overall theme can be tweaked with useful scripts.

User count on channels

You can /script load and /sbar awl_0 add -before awl_0 -alignment left usercount and get a nice usercount on the left. You can add alias for this by /alias usercount /sbar awl_0 add -before awl_0 -alignment left usercount so next time usercount is missing, just type /usercount.


Track last read conversation with trackbar

/script load trackbar22 gets you nice bar to separate old and new conversations. If you like it to fit feed more instead of that default grey, run /set trackbar_string _ and /set trackbar_style %r to set it red.


Away state in status bar

If you'd like a weed awaybar (big red block in the right), you can add it by /script load awaybar and /sbar statusbar add -after erotin -alignment right awaybar commands.


Nicklist on the right side of the screen

If you prefer seeing nicks on the right side like in mIRC or other GUI clients, do this:

For screen

/script load nicklist and /nicklist screen (enables nicklist).

For tmux

/script load tmux-nicklist-portable. Currently tmux version of nicklist doesn't have any configuration and is by default 20% width of the window.

Each nick in different colors

To make nicks to distinct more from each other, nickcolor comes pretty handy.

/script load nickcolor_expando. For screen and non-xterm-256color, run /set neat_colors X30rRX61X6CX3CyX1DcCBX3HX2AbMX3AX42X6M. For tmux and xterm-256color you are good to go and you can see colors with /neatcolor colors and add or remove them with /neatcolor colors add X30 (adds orangish). If you are interested more in 256 colors in irssi, please read the docs.


Old changelog

In case if you want to know what was done before theme ending up in here Github.

  • 4.0 (2013-03-25) Theme translated in english, added old changelog and tutorial in this Readme. Newer changes and versions will be in commits only.
  • 3.6 (2010-11-27) Fixes to make theme even more readable. Query layout is now the same than the rest of the windows.
  • 3.5 Readability fixes. Spaces made shorter between separator pipes and the timestamps.
  • 3.05 Edited pubmsgnick, pubnick, pubmsgmenick, pubmsghinick and = "sb_awaybar";
  • 3.00 Added whole new tutorial inside the theme. No changes to the theme itself.
  • 2.75e Tutorial enhanced.
  • 2.75d Created changelog. Better hilight.

Contributing and troubleshooting

If you have ideas about the theme or spot an issue, please let us know. If you have trouble setting the theme up, read this readme carefully again or open an issue.