A Collection of Scripts and stuff I use to make my desktop nice and pretty.
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This is a cool rewrite of my dotfiles for nixos.

This contains the dotfiles for my Home server, and personal pc.

At the moment this is only running for my personal pc, and the server is a WIP vm test that I will roll out as I get settled in.

The .nix files are fairly well documented, and I hope that someone with 0 idea of nix would be able to understand this.


flake.nix - 'main' config, flakes are cool things that let you define the entire system without needing to touch anywhere owned by root.


I just add the following to the /etc/nixos/confiuration.nix

  nix = {
    package = pkgs.nixFlakes;
    extraOptions = "experimental-features = nix-command flakes";

and then: sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake .#hostname


  • Fix gpg signing issues.
  • Figure out how home manager works, with flake and all that.
  • Figure out how to set up hyprland + other wm's/des
    • Hopefully as separate configs so we can just add modules together and get what I want.
  • Figure out how to make updating shit less annoying
  • Figure out how to make the output of updates more useful, and less console-spam
  • Noise-Cancelling
  • Rust dev environment
  • Figure out how to package supload as a package