Simple bash script to take screenshots and upload files to various file hosts
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As per issues #1, the PR for updating the file to make install process work + added a handy suggestion in configuration menu that made use of this program more user friendly and convenient as a Fedora user (should work for anyone on Gnome 3 however such as Ubuntu users)

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SUpload (Screenshot - Upload)

SUpload is an easy to use bash script for taking screenshots and uploading files to a curl supported file host. Supports multiple domains, perfect for shitposting, AND for work!


Debian and Fedora based systems

deb and rpm files are automatically generated for each version.

Everything else

If you're not on a system listed above, you can follow the commands below to install the program manually.

git clone
cd supload
sudo make install


  • bash (this is important)
  • curl (needed for actually uploading the file)
  • jq (needed to parse the json responses)

Optional dependencies

  • maim, or gnome-screenshot (optional, needed for screenshots) (maim 5.7.4 needed for webp screenshots.)
  • ffmpeg, slop (optional, needed for video recording)
  • xclip (optional, needed for clipboard)
  • libnotify (optional, needed for notifications)


You can use supload -h, or view it below.

Usage: supload [OPTIONS] [FILE]


  -d      Use custom domain use -d <domain>
  -o      Automatically open in browser
  -s      Screenshot mode (maim Selection)
  -g      Screen Recording Mode (ffcast)
  -V      Verbose (debug mode)
  -v      Shows current version of SUpload


# Upload test.txt
$ supload test.txt

# Paste from STDIN (pipe from another command)
$ cat test.txt | supload -

# Screenshot
$ supload -s

# Screenshot, and upload to SFW domain, open in new window
$ supload -fos

# Screenshot and debug output
$ supload -Vs

# Record and Upload video (make sure to press q to end recording)
$ supload -g


The default config is located at /etc/supload.conf, If it exists, it will read from ~/.config/supload/settings.conf. The home config file will take priority. If you delete this file, it will NOT be recreated, you will have to recreate it.

If you are using the Gnome 3 desktop environment, you can add a custom shortcut to upload screenshots by going to Settings -> Keyboard -> View and Customize Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts -> In your new shortcut, entire the command 'supload -sd'