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# SUpload (Screenshot - Upload)
SUpload is an easy to use bash script for taking screenshots and uploading files to a curl supported file host.
Supports multiple domains, perfect for shitposting, AND for work!
## Installation
Until I can get packaging working, this'll have to do.
It installs it to `/usr/local/bin/supload`, check the Makefile for more info.
git clone
cd supload
sudo make install
## Configuration
The default config is located at /etc/supload.conf, If it exists, it will read from ~/.config/supload/settings.conf. The home config file will take priority.
If you delete this file, it will **NOT** be recreated, you will have to recreate it.
To see the config defaults, check the start of ``.
## Dependencies
- bash (this is important)
- curl (needed for actually uploading the file)
- jq (needed to parse the json responses)
## Optional dependencies
### Screenshot backends
| Screenshot Backend | Display Server | Notes | |
| scrot | X11 | Legacy Screenshot | |
| maim | X11 | Better Looking Selections | |
| spectacle | X11 or Wayland! | KDE/Plasma Selection | |
| gnome-screenshot | - | Doesn't work, thanks gnome for not letting you control it with terminal :/ | |
| [watershot]( | Wayland (wlroots) | Haven't tested this since I'm using KDE now
### Other Optional dependencies
- ffmpeg, slop (optional, needed for video recording), X11 only for now
- xclip (optional, needed for clipboard), or [wl-clipboard]( on wayland
## Usage
You can use `supload -h`, or view it below.
Usage: supload [OPTIONS] [FILE]
-d Use custom domain use -d <domain>
-o Automatically open in browser
-s Screenshot mode (maim Selection)
-g Screen Recording Mode (ffcast)
-V Verbose (debug mode)
-v Shows current version of SUpload
# Upload test.txt
$ supload test.txt
# Paste from STDIN (pipe from another command)
$ cat test.txt | supload -
# Screenshot
$ supload -s
# Screenshot, and upload to SFW domain, open in new window
$ supload -fos
# Screenshot and debug output
$ supload -Vs
# Record and Upload video (make sure to press q to end recording)
$ supload -g