Commiting changes for PR (#2)

As per issues #1, the PR for updating the file to make install process work + added a handy suggestion in configuration menu that made use of this program more user friendly and convenient as a Fedora user (should work for anyone on Gnome 3 however such as Ubuntu users)

Authored-by: domacikolaci <>
Reviewed-on: #2
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Co-committed-by: domacikolaci <domacikolaci@noreply.localhost>
domacikolaci 1 month ago committed by Volkor
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@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ Supports multiple domains, perfect for shitposting, AND for work!
### Debian and Fedora based systems
[deb and rpm files are automatically generated for each version.](
[deb and rpm files are automatically generated for each version.](
### Everything else
@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ If you're not on a system listed above, you can follow the commands below to ins
git clone
cd SUpload
cd supload
sudo make install
@ -73,3 +73,5 @@ $ supload -g
The default config is located at /etc/supload.conf, If it exists, it will read from ~/.config/supload/settings.conf. The home config file will take priority.
If you delete this file, it will **NOT** be recreated, you will have to recreate it.
If you are using the Gnome 3 desktop environment, you can add a custom shortcut to upload screenshots by going to Settings -> Keyboard -> View and Customize Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts -> In your new shortcut, entire the command 'supload -sd'