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Volkor d8047d8b74
fix up metrics 7 months ago
Volkor 5663cbf9d5
fix up names for better grafana graphs 7 months ago
Volkor 67c111ee56
change times to unix time 7 months ago
Volkor 95a1e19d29
Fix up a broken metric 7 months ago
Volkor 8efae17ba1
fix 403 7 months ago
Volkor 66884642ce Merge branch 'metrics' into 'master' 7 months ago
Volkor 5956dada75 Add Metrics 7 months ago
Volkor 8701f54c5e
huh 7 months ago
Volkor 95311e914c
uh 7 months ago
Volkor 60856d687c ffs actually update the config so it delete's files the way I want them to. 8 months ago
Volkor 3fc93017f5
update theme 11 months ago
Volkor 275e3346d9
rename 11 months ago
Volkor 86e2d2f493
update theme 11 months ago
Volkor 3c095bba09
add qr page 11 months ago
Volkor 46f6296d86
Thanks AB49K 1 year ago
Volkor 24bd9e85f3
whoops 2 1 year ago
Volkor bd310718de
whoops 1 year ago
Volkor 88ace6b11a
add changes to ansible, and add 404 page! 1 year ago
Volkor f9ec21a962
don't send content-type 1 year ago
Volkor 00d3b4dddc
proper accel 1 year ago
Volkor 6a4fa5b3dd
accel-redirect instead? 1 year ago
Volkor fb219280fe
allow x-sendfile 1 year ago
Volkor a7214d37cf
Proper text file displaying! 1 year ago
Volkor 7eeef589dd
update submodule 1 year ago
Volkor e2e9c7c86f
Allow files with no ext. (Fixes #8) 1 year ago
Volkor 24db1586e4
? 2 years ago
Volkor 52899e8c80
idk 2 years ago
Volkor 62558df6e4
Update site data size in preperation for removing clownflare 2 years ago
Volkor d032d0d91d
I'm not sure why it updates 2 years ago
Volkor 12384f3189
update config 2 years ago
Volkor b22f813b7f
Add style deletions 2 years ago
Volkor efcf95ec8a
update template 2 years ago
Volkor e5fd763907
I'm an idiot. I should have diff'd the old code 2 years ago
Volkor 836cecf110
? 2 years ago
Volkor 83206a017e
Block on extension 2 years ago
Volkor 3da8126b9e
add czb page 2 years ago
Volkor 2f8ae320fa
update readme so I dont make the same mistake again 2 years ago
Volkor 6200150df1
oopsie 3 years ago
Volkor eec50a5380
force playbook to clone with changes 3 years ago
Volkor f5ab3890ff
add ssh keys to gitignore along with fixing ansible command 3 years ago
Volkor 2746ba6325 Merge branch 'auto-deploy' into 'master' 3 years ago
Volkor 31e9fa99c7
fix up ci 3 years ago
Volkor 03489cb522
upload ansible and circleci 3 years ago
Volkor 4adff40d0d
add theme in 3 years ago
Volkor c883146501
add git modules 3 years ago
Volkor b453b56145 Merge branch 'custom-theming' into 'master' 3 years ago
Volkor 2489b0a0fe
Move themes around, add configurable theme 3 years ago
Volkor The Barbarian Warrior 8186497659
update old links 4 years ago
Volkor The Barbarian Warrior f0f1e481d6
remove background. 4 years ago
Volkor The Barbarian Warrior af08580815
add documentation 4 years ago