fix: add example sharex config, and add /my_files url on main page
format, check and test / cargo fmt (push) Failing after 3m17s Details
format, check and test / cargo test (push) Has started running Details

Volkor 2023-07-07 23:38:51 +10:00
parent e70bd1c353
commit 3438a6552f
Signed by: Volkor
SSH Key Fingerprint: SHA256:taX3XcC6grYv7+eTzBsIUNCVFgMzh7gkVgxliSh69ek
3 changed files with 13 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -135,6 +135,7 @@ async fn main() {
// Might want to actually make a .ico instead of serving a webp image.
// Static File Serving

static/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
"Name": " file uploader",
"DestinationType": "FileUploader",
"RequestURL": "",
"FileFormName": "file",
"ResponseType": "Text",
"URL": "$json:url$",
"DeletionURL": "$json:deletionurl$"

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@ -26,6 +26,9 @@
<p class="note">This storage is not permanent, check the FAQ page for details<br>By uploading you agree to the ToS and
Privacy Policy</p>
<ul class="links">
<a href="/my_files">Your Files</a>
<a href="/services">Services</a>